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The first of the Resources for Professionals available here is the national award-winning publication, Dealing With Loss: A Guidebook for Helping Your Children During and After Divorce. Attorneys, mediators, psychologists, schools, courts, parent education programs, and other individuals and agencies in the US and abroad have reported satisfaction as a result of giving copies to the people they serve. 

The full text of Dealing With Loss: A Guidebook for Helping Your Children During and After Divorce is available for review and personal use on this website, as Dealing With Loss: the website guide for helping your children during and after divorce.

Copies of the Dealing With Loss guidebook may be ordered in volume for complimentary distribution. The cost for orders of thirty or more personalized copies is US $4 per copy for professional practices and business organizations. Discounts are available for large orders and for orders placed by non-profit agencies. There is no additional charge for imprinting with the individual's or agency's name, address, and phone number. On orders prepaid by check or money order, there is no shipping charge (within the United States). Single copies are mailed promptly upon receipt of checks or money orders for US $5, with discounts available on request. 

Ordering information:
Orders and payment may be sent directly to:

The Divorcework™ Center
Portland Health Institute, Inc.
3310 NW Savier Street, Suite A
Portland, OR 97210-1937
United States

Please feel free to send mail to us at this address, or to send an e-mail message to, or to telephone us at 503-227-1860.

Oregon Family Institute, a private non-profit organization focusing on education, research, and direct services to families, actively endorses and supports the widespread distribution of Dealing with Loss: A Guidebook for Helping Your Children During and After Divorce

Dealing with Loss is a recipient of Children's Rights Council's 1999 "Children First" National Award of Excellence.

Dealing with Loss is simply excellent. Too often we think that divorce is about anger and bitterness. We forget that underneath the anger is sadness and loss. Unless we allow ourselves access to these more deeply buried feelings, the wounds of divorce will not heal. This booklet is a treasure of wisdom and good practical advice to parents on how to help themselves and their children grieve divorce losses.

- Janet R. Johnston, Ph.D., co-author of Impasses of Divorce: The Dynamics and Resolution of Family Conflict and In the Name of the Child: A Developmental Approach to Understanding and Helping Children of Conflicted and Violent Divorce

This beautifully written booklet contains practical wisdom on how to help yourself and your children through the challenges of a family loss. I highly recommend it to parents, step parents, and grand-parents who are in the position of supporting children through change and loss.

- Elizabeth Hickey, MSW, author of Healing Hearts: Helping Children and Adults Recover From Divorce, and creator of award-winning video, Children: The Experts on Divorce